Gift Transport

We provide a luxury
lifestyle at affordable rates

Airport Transfer

We deliver cars to nearby
cities, at the airport, your
residence, or directly at a venue.

Luxury Transport

Our customer service goes beyond
our customers’ expectations with
the most lenient conditions

car hire Dubai

Wedding Trip

We cater to the needs of
customers from all around the world


With AARA Car Rentals you can
rent luxury vehicles including exotic
cars, with or without a chauffeur


Our team speaks English, French,
Arabic, Urdu, and Hindi.

A Trustworthy Luxury Car Hire Services in Dubai

Being a highly renowned and dependable luxury car hire Dubai service provider, AARA Car Rentals offers safe, comfortable and affordable travel experience for our customers. No matter whether you are searching for the right car for gift transport, wedding trip, luxury transport or any other type of need, you can contact us.

If you need the services of a chauffeur, we provide highly experienced, reliable and background checked professionals. When you depend on us for car hire Dubai, you don’t need to worry about any language issues. Our employees are proficient in all leading languages and you can communicate with then quite freely.

Our customer support team responds to your queries in a fast, friendly and responsible way. You can seek their assistance to find the most suitable luxury car hire Dubai solution. Our services meet international standards and your unique needs are taken care of in the best possible way.

Need help renting a car? Call Us (+971) 52 801 4849

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